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Julie Anna modeling her Madame Butterfly scarf commissioned by Santa Fe Opera

About the designer of OPERA SCARVES

Julie Anna Lewis has spent years as a professional graphic designer and illustrator and

has made a move to full-time fine artist in the United States. Lewis, a fanatic opera lover,

quickly gained a reputation with art collectors for her layered, emotionally rich paintings

and illustrations that combine classical imagery, words, and musical scores found in

opera, poetry and literature.

In 2018, one such art composition, based on the famous Italian opera, “La Bohème,” has

made its debut at New York City’s Metropolitan Opera Shop in the form of a luxurious,

silk art scarf. Lewis says, “I wanted to create a tribute to Puccini’s masterpiece, capturing

the beauty and fluidity of this musical love story. I layered soft florals, reminiscent of the

embroidered roses and lilies of Mimi’s Act I aria with a French toile de jouy style for the

music score and book cover from 1898 to achieve the effect.”

Lewis’ interpretation of famed operas resonated also with the Santa Fe Opera, who negotiated

a commission with Lewis for a scarf design for their 2018 summer production of

Bizet’s opera The Pearl Fishers. Retail Operations Manager, Christopher Hufnagel states

“For our 2018 season, Julie Anna created Madame Butterfly art for our commemorative

silk scarf that quickly sold out before the season ended. We are looking forward to her

unique interpretation of new scarf art where she incorporates the opera music score into

her work making the design extraordinary every time.”

Julie Anna Lewis accepts commissioned work in addition to her art exhibits and

limited-edition opera themed silk scarves made in Italy.

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