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Dramatic design elements and solid colors individualize each character’s kimono pattern from the beloved Puccini opera Turandot. Details include Caleb, the dragon with circular good luck symbols, stamped with the Chinese character for “LOVE”. Each corner of the scarf reflects a different characters: Lui’s motif of a dagger through the heart; Timur’s ancient Chinese textile; Emperor Altoum’s royal weave; dynasty crowns made of actual Turandot music surround the sun shape of Turnadot’s kimono of jasmine flowers. Three clouds represent each riddle and a night sky evokes the beloved aria Nessun Dorma.


90cm x 90cm

100% pure silk satin that embodies a slightly shimmery look and feel.

Puccini Turandot Silk Scarf

Excluding Sales Tax
  • To retain the natural quality of your silk scarf, we recommend dry cleaning.

    Optionally, you may handwash your scarf in cool water with mild soap, blot out excess water with a towel, then let hang dry.

    Press while damp with warm iron on the silk/wool setting.

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